Automatic door with showcase

Automatic revolving doors rotate 360 degrees around their central vertical axis and are mainly used in main entrances as well as complete insulation of indoor and outdoor space to prevent the entry of dust, minimize energy loss and also prevent unauthorized traffic.

automatic door

Automated applications:

The control unit allows the adjustment of 2 different automatic functions.

1. The door does not move normally, but the user is activated as soon as the door is approached. After adjustable time, the door stops in its original position.

2. The door normally rotates at a low speed and the user approaches the door.

The Automatic Revolving Door has wide compartments that are always accessible due to its three-wing configuration, making it an ideal solution for continuous high-volume pedestrian traffic, shopping carts, luggage and seats. Wheels are easily converted. Save energy by minimizing energy consumption, eliminating drafts, and reducing cooling losses and coolers.
The proprietary mechanism is located at the edge of the drum, reducing drive stress and resulting in lower maintenance costs. The optional closed door provides a beautiful solution for optimal security. In an emergency, the door wings are released immediately and then folded to allow for an emergency exit. A fully rotating roof illuminates and even eliminates brush marks, while concealed sensors allow clean lines and clean lines to be provided. Provide throughout.

automatic door