Sectional Garage Doors

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Garador Sectional doors are the best engineered garage door on the market, and offer excellent thermal insulation, with single skin and insulated options available. Our Premium range of sectional garage doors have a 42mm thick double skin steel section that is evenly filled with CFC-free PU foam; ideal for integral garages and workshops where thermal insulation can be very important. Our Classic range of sectional garage doors are single skinned for a competitive price advantage.

A sectional garage door is made up of separate sections rather than a single panel; they rise vertically with no loss of driveway space in front of the garage, and provide full opening drive through width, giving extra room for wider vehicles such as 4x4s and MPVs.

Garador sectional garage doors feature sturdy rubber weather seals on all side of the door to help keep the elements outside. With a variety of surface finishes, styles and designs, including ribbed and paneled variations, these doors are the discerning buyer’s choice.

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Sectional Garage Doors are rapidly growing as one of the most popular choices of garage door. Their strength, safety and security are just some of the many benefits that justify this popularity. They are known as ‘Sectional’ doors due to their construction, being made of separate sections which open vertically. This means that sectional garage doors can be installed on almost every shaped opening (rounded, arched etc.).


Most sectional doors are double skinned as standard, with panels filled with insulating foam 42mm to 67mm thick. These sections are generally constructed from galvanized steel for strength and longevity. 
The efficient and impressive construction of a sectional door provides strength and stability is not possible in other doors, even in larger than normal sizes. As a result, significantly larger garage openings can be accommodated through the use of a sectional door.


Space Saving Solutions

Sectional garage doors open and close vertically, meaning space around the opening can be utilized. This is perfect for shorter garages or driveways, allowing vehicles to be parked up against the door without needing space to ‘swing out’ when opening the door. The door panels curve upwards over the opening and then back into the headroom of the garage. When fitted and specified accurately, unlike other garage door types, a sectional can offer full drive-through height and width. This is an ideal solution for garages that require large vehicle access, or have limited access dimensions. 

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The mechanical design of a Sectional garage door is notably different to Up and Over garage doors. The spring system provides a much smoother operation than a conventional Up and Over door, which is particularly useful on larger sized doors. All Sectional garage doors can be either manually or electrically operated, remaining smooth and quiet in both cases due to excellent engineering, flawless design and high-quality components. Sectional door panels offer safe operation, with anti-entrapment design between the sections to prevent finger trapping, and a number of other safety features that meet all current legal regulations. 

Please refer to the videos below to find out more about the operational features of a sectional garage door – in this case, the door is manufactured by BENTUR AUTOMATIC DOOR.